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Our Products

Mango Fruit Strips

The legend Mango Fruit Strips. These exotic Gedong Gincu are born and bred in a land filled with wonder Majalengka, Indonesia. Purely you can feel the perfect taste of mango.

Ingredients: Gedong Gincu Mangoes

Banana Fruit Strips

The Clever Banana Fruit Strips. Cavendish Banana that will clearly gives you goodness in every strip. The yellow one will remains in our head, I bet you.

Ingredients: Cavendish Banana

Pinepaya Fruit Strips

The Pleasure Pinepaya Fruit Strips. Sweet papaya and sour pineapple turn into amazing Pinepaya, the mix of these tropical fruit can boost your daily energy!

Ingredients: Pineapple, Papaya

Banilla Fruit Strips

The Enchant Banilla Fruit Strips. Banana meet Ladame Vanila in a good way. Delightfully taste of every strips surely blow your mind after an exhausting moment~

Ingredients: Cavendish Banana, Vanilla Extract

If we can choose easier way then why shouldn't try it?

We made fruit into simpler strips and make it easier to fulfill your fruit craving while relaxing on the sofa after a long day or accompany your busy day~

“Our fruit strips keep the natural flavor without additives or sugar, every goodness from fruits locked in every strip.⁠”

What They Say

Wah enak si! Produk baru dari Frutiveznya, my fave crispy mango strips. End my kripik cravings, proud of you guys! #allnaturals #gapakegulalho

Rinrin Marinka

Professional Chef

Ini produk inovasi yang keren! Rasanya juga enak kayak makan buah asli dan tentunya sehat.

Adrian Zakhary

PTPN VIII Commissioner

Rasanya stripnya itu kayak makan buah beneran, cocok banget untuk saya yang suka makan buah tapi ingin praktis dan bisa dinikmatin kapan aja.

Dwi Indra Purnomo

The Local Enablers Founder

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