Making a difference in your day

Our Ethos

We have always liked to do things a little differently to create healthy value more meaningful and pleasing.

Based on a scientific background, we combined nature, research, and technologies to provide the joyfully tasting fruit in a different way.

We constantly strive to do good for our customers, environment, our people and local communities through our sustainable business. Better Food Better Mood is our faith to provide natural and yummy snacks without artificial additives and keeps the nutrition of fruits intact. Also, whenever and wherever you are, we want you could taste our tropical fruit as your favorite companion to enjoy the moment and making the mood better. 

With nutrient-rich ingredients, we hope to become a lasting part of your healthy life and meaningful part of your story!

Our Story

Greetings! The agricultural sector has a big impact on Indonesia economic growth. Here stands PT Saudagar Buah Indonesia. Our company came from great concern about wasted agricultural products.

Before, our product was named Mango Day. Sounds familiar? For us, name is the true core of a product. Name comes from a wish, a dream, and goals from a company to represent their product best to the customers. The name Mango Day is nothing far from good. But as a company grows, certain things as goals will grow too. And so, through long and thoughtful deliberation, we found that Mango Day was not able to hold our goals whole-fully.

In the process, we came up with lots of ideas, and one name stands out. It was Frutivez. Frutivez has captured out minds with its unique combination of the word fruits and harvest that relevantly match our company vision.

Through Frutivez, we solemnly hope people can enjoy seasonal fruits or fruits that grown a thousand miles from where they live whenever, where ever they want. We also hope to minimize the problem of wasted off-grade fruits by transforming them into fruit strips. Also, we aim through now running business model, many parts of the community will be benefited, for instance, local fruit farmers.